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iXBlue completes integration of iXFiber and Photline  

iXFiber and Photline brands form a new business unit, strengthening commitment to Photonics customers while boosting the benefits of vertical integration

MARLY-LE-ROI, FRANCE, February 4, 2015, /PR News Wire/ iXBlue, a leader in fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG), Photonics, and underwater acoustic technologies and a leading global supplier of navigation, positioning and imaging solutions, completes the integration of iXFiber and Photline subsidiaries. iXFiber is a leading manufacturer of active and passive specialty optical fibers, components based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) technology, and subassemblies modules for a wide range of industries: telecommunications, sensing, defense, space and fiber lasers. iXFiber has been a 100% subsidiary of iXBlue since 2011. Photline is a leading supplier of optical modulation solutions based on the in-house produced lithium niobate (LiNb03) modulators and RF electronic modules. Photline serves the markets of telecommunications, defense and aerospace, sensing and instruments, fiber lasers and sciences. Photline has been a 100% subsidiary of iXBlue since July 2013.
From January 2015, iXFiber and Photline have become iXBlue brands and now make up the Photonics Solutions business unit within iXBlue. The Photonics Solutions expanded dedicated team masters key photonic technologies including fiber preform processing, fiber drawing, waveguide wafer processing and components packaging. Now gathered in a single organization, this team is in a stronger position than ever to leverage its synergies and offer new and more complete fiber optics solutions to its customers.
With this integration, iXBlue not only strengthens its vertical integration and diversifies its markets coverage, but also asserts its commitment to be a major player in the photonics industry. Maintaining iXFiber and Photline brands within Photonics Solutions business unit ensures service continuity to Photonics customers. Photonics customers indirectly but indispensably benefit from iXBlue’s invaluable system know-how, acquired through extensive FOG-based navigation system offering and global customer base in offshore and defense applications. The new business unit customers will also be better served by the iXBlue’s global presence and extensive sales and support organization.
For further information about iXFiber/Photline products visit booth number 5605 at SPIE Photonics West, 10 - 12-February 2015, The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA.

About iXBlue

iXBlue is a leading international supplier of innovative products and solutions for navigation, positioning and imaging. iXBlue civil and military customers have widely deployed systems, operations, and services in complex sea, land, air, and space environments. iXBlue is a major player in offshore oil and gas, a world leader in sea navigation systems, and expert in ocean science and mapping. iXBlue’s technologies include photonics, inertial sensors, acoustics, imaging, control, and simulation. iXBlue is recognized for its pioneering inventions in fiber-optic gyroscopes and its full range of other cutting-edge technologies, providing high accuracy, unrivalled performance, and unsurpassed reliability. iXBlue also differentiates itself through full vertical integration and expertise, easy-to-use versatile products, professional services, customer care, and long-term partnerships. iXBlue serves its customers through sales and support offices around the world.

About iXBlue Photonics Solutions

iXBlue Photonics Solutions business unit includes iXBlue iXFiber brand that produces specialty optical fibers and Bragg gratings based fiber optics components and iXBlue Photline brand that provides optical modulation solutions based on the company lithium niobate (LiNb03) modulators and RF electronic modules. Please visit iXBlue web site www.ixblue.com or iXBlue Photonics sites www.photline and www.ixfiber.com.
iXBlue Photonics Solutions : Philippe LeRoux, +33 1 30 08 88 88 (France), philippe.leroux@photline.com
iXBlue : Anne Colliou, +33 1 30 08 88 88 (France), anne.colliou@ixblue.com
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