Next-generation long baseline medium frequency
and low frequency positioning systems
8 Апрель 2015, 06:36

RAMSES is an acoustic synthetic baseline positioning system with self-contained computing, for simple real-time sparse array subsea navigation. Tightly coupled with iXBlue inertial navigation system (INS), it delivers extreme precision and robustness in challenging acoustic operational environment. Available in MF and LF versions (medium frequency for most applications and low frequency for ultra-long range applications), RAMSES is part of iXBlue inERtiAl-AcouStic SolutionS for underwater positioning and navigation. The solution combines RAMSES system with GAPS and POSIDO-NIA iXBlue ultra-short baseline (USBL) positioning systems.


• Sparse array positioning functionality and self- calibration capability 
• All in one self-contained system, including real-time position computation
• Decimeter range measurement accuracy 
 • Open solution environment: operates with iXBlue and third party transponders


• Quick deployment, reduced number of transponders,
and calibration-free
• Requires no top-side computer and no umbilical, enabling immediat
Typical iXBlue inertial-acoustic solution configurations


• High precision AUV/ROV subsea navigation 
• Subsea construction 
• Metrology 
• Site survey 
• Oil and gas 
• Marine construction 
• Scientific 
• Defense